Draft Information

**No cellular phones in draft room.
**League president, Vice President, Player Agent(s) and managers of teams in division drafting allowed in draft room.
**NO ASSISTANT COACHES. Managers are instructed to keep entire draft a secret until hat night.

1) Seniors/Juniors division will select first form list of players (ages 13-14) eligible for this division and follow draft plan B (draft entire team).

2) Intermediate will select second from list of players eligible for this division and follow draft plan B. Entrance in the Intermediate division will be at the request of parents of players ages 11-13.
**11 year olds will need one (1) year of experience in the Majors division in order to be eligible to play Intermediate. This does not pertain to 12 or 13 year old players.

3) Majors draft will follow draft plan A, meaning established teams will have TITLED/PROPERTY players returning to their teams as per Little League guidelines. Majors will include ages 10-12. Majors will draft from players according to list of eligible draft choices. 11 and 12 year olds that did not request Intermediate or were not drafted to Intermediate as well as 10 year olds will make up list of players eligible for Majors. If an expansion team is needed in the Majors division, follow Little League guidelines in Little League Operating Manual. All 12 year olds are to be given the option to play Majors. If a 12 year old is deemed a "injury risk" in Majors, a request to be moved to AAA will need to be approved by District 28.

4) AAA and AA will follow draft plan B. Players not selected in Majors will be eligible for draft in AAA. Players not selected in AAA will be eligible for draft in AA.

Any questions reference this draft process can be address to the Player Agent(s) listed on the Board of Directors tab above.

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