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Hello and welcome to Temecula Little League.

We have many pieces of information floating on our website. We are currently in the process of updating many aspects of our site as each year, a new Board of Directors is elected. With a new Board comes many great ideas that can take time to bring to fruition. These changes impact every aspect of the league. If you have any suggestions on how to make Temecula Little League better, we want to hear from you. We have regular Board meetings which allow for public comment, or you can send an email to our Information Officer so it can be shared on your behalf. 

Are you interested in helping the league? We have many opportunities with varying levels of commitment. The league always seeks members to join the Board of Directors, League Committees, Umpire team, single-day event help, snack bar, and much more. If you are interested, please email our Information Officer, and they will connect you with the right person. Thank you for helping us develop our athletes and grow the league.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you cannot locate the information you need. I am here to help answer your questions, connect you with the right League members, and ensure that your experience with Temecula Little League is nothing less than exceptional. 

2023 TLL Hit-a-Thon Winners by Division

2023 Temecula Little League Hit-A-Thon Results

4 & 6 Year Old Division (Distance)

Player NamePlayer NumberPlayer League AgeDistanceWinner
Cruz Raymond76168.'8"1st
Cash Harris66161'3"2nd
Julian Guest316158'7"3rd
Jackson Hernandez85153'10"
Carter Xavier375148'8"
Jonathan Fawcett296148'7"
Elijah Dominguez16147'3"
Colton Hamilton136144'8"
Rhian Martinez246143'1"
Jaxson Richter356142'6"
Ivy Bradley125142'5"
Joshua Falco114142'4"
Lucas North186139'2"
Jordan Rodriguez25138'6"
Daniel Barraza255131'8"
Carter Williamson775131'3"
Asher Weichel45127'7"
John Mora236126'3"
Jayden Rodriguez36120'3"
Bentley Ontiveros205115'5"
Maverick Sullivan46114'4"
Jaxon Pottorff126110'8"
Hank Potter55108'4"
Brody Oliveri246148
Xander Houser384100
Dallas Darling6599
Noah Macias27498
Jack Day13495

7 & 8 Year Old Division (Distance
Player NamePlayer NumberPlayer League AgeDistanceWinner
DAVE WRIGHT138184'9"1st
Camden Ortega138184'2"2nd
James Lopez208183'1"3rd
Christian Ramirez38180'2"
Waylon Torrey38176'1"
Cameron Alto68173'8"
Jackson Perez137171'1
Blake Herrera447168'6"
Antoris Coleman II27168'5"
Luca DiMaccio28164'8"
Kingston Simonsen777164'2"
Kaleb Mansell998160'7"
Matthew Pulecio17160'1"
Kase Bender27160'0"
Brayden Ramirez58159'7"
Nixon McDonald67159'11"
Reid Rogers58156'7"
Conner Pottorff107144'8"
Hudson Lindgren887144'4"
Jason Lampos67143'6"
Landon Lepkowski187132'9"
Jackson Duckworth238167.4
Trevor Brillhart57161
Bennett Ground88160
Nolan Spencer997157
Bennett Forsdick17145

9 & 10 Year Old (Home Runs)
Player NamePlayer NumberPlayer League Age# Home RunsTie BreakerWinner
Bryce Coleman9951st
Giovanni DiMaccio211040
Kai Minami2510442nd
Zachary Urrea391041
Jordan Ramirez1310423rd
Maverick Thompson993
Clinton Carroll9992
Hunter Brown2292
Arthur Boles16102
Brayden Lewis8102
Brett Xavier27102
Finn Cusack22102
Micah McDonald17102
Chase Whitmire1791
Nathaniel Garcia9891
Dax Albright22101
Jackson Forsdick25101
Cash Love490
Cooper Carroll1990
Daniel Davis990
Elias Smith1990
Elijah Dougherty1790
Harrison Hackney9990
Kyrie Atamansky1190
Maxten Lyon4190
Hunter Boydston7100
Logan Scheafer23100
Mason Bodman4100
Parker Rivadeneira10100

11 & 12 Year Old Division (Home Runs)
Player NamePlayer NumberPlayer League Age# Home RunsTie BreakerWinner
Cole Gohlke271291st
Levi Prather441272nd
Aiden Xavier171243rd
Cristien Bunting23122
Tyler Nussbaumer23121
August Nolasco19110
Trent Kirts25110
Max Borgeson21120
Zander bradley13120

13 & 14 Year Old Division (Home Runs)
Player NamePlayer NumberPlayer League Age# Home RunsTie BreakerWinner
Darren Villalobos-VasquezOO145111st
Victor Maximiliano Martinez1214542nd

15 & 16
Player NamePlayer NumberPlayer League Age# Home RunsTie BreakerWinner
Jack Tindall151631st

Background Checks


Little League International requires all leagues and districts in the United States to conduct an annual background check, including a nationwide criminal search, a search of the National Sex Offender Registry, review of the U.S. Center for SafeSport Centralized Disciplinary Database and Little League International Ineligible List. Little League preferred provider, J.D Palatine, has a Criminal File database that contains more than 600 million records, including criminal and sex offender registry records covering 50 states and the District of Columbia, as well as the review of the U.S. Center for SafeSport Centralized Disciplinary Database and Little League International Ineligible List, meeting the current Little League Regulation 1(c) 8 & 9 requirement.


J.D. Palatine (JDP)
Temecula Little League utilizes the JDP QuickApp, which allows local league volunteers to complete their own volunteer application and background check on a secure site separate from the player registration process.

Live Scan
Temecula Little League complies with State of California Assembly Bill No. 506  requirements for background and fingerprinting 
  • Government fees are required for the State (DOJ) and Federal (FBI) level criminal history record checks. Additional fees may also be required (e.g., license or certification fees).
  • Locations identified by BNR (Billing Number Required) provide live scan services only to applicants with agency billing numbers identified on their Live Scan forms. These sites may collect rolling fees only ­ they do not collect any other fees.
  • Rolling fees vary from location to location and cover only the operator's cost for rolling the fingerprint images. Fees are the responsibility of the applicant unless otherwise approved by the Board of Direcors..
  • Applicants must present valid photo identification to the Live Scan Operator. Expired identification cards will not be accepted.

Managers, Coaches, Regular Volunteers (see SECTION 1. CHAPTER  2.9. Youth Service Organizations), League Officials, Hired Umpires, Board of Directors are required to complete both methods above. 
Live Scan Badges must be present at all League affiliated events including but not limited to games, practices, fundraisers.  


Hello Temecula Little League, 

There is currently a severe shortage of officials in youth sports Nationwide. To fill this ever growing need of Umpires we are looking to recruit and train people that want to get paid as an umpire for Temecula Little League. Moms, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, Friends and more!!  All we ask is that you be at least 14 years old and have a passion for the game.  

We have games at all different times of the day, 3-5 days a week and you will get to select the times and games you can umpire. You can work as much or as little as you’re comfortable with!

For all those interested, please fill out the Umpire Interest Form

Thank you very much for your time and we hope to see you on the field.

Erik Foster UIC, Temecula Little League 

Regular Membership

Are you interested in being a "Regular Member" of the Temecula Little League?

Regular Members - Any adult person actively interested in furthering the objectives of the Local League may become a Regular
Member upon election and payment of annual dues ($20) as hereinafter provided. Regular Members may be issued a card numbered
in sequential order annually. The secretary shall maintain the roll of membership to qualify voting members.
Only Regular Members in good standing are eligible to vote at General Membership Meetings. All Officers,
Board Members, Committee Members, Managers, Coaches, Volunteer Umpires, and other elected or appointed
officials must be active Regular Members in good standing.

If you are interested in becoming a Regular Member of Temecula Little League please email [email protected] and they will process your request.

The Little League Story

For the Best in Youth Sports it’s Little League Baseball

                The choice a family or a community has for youth sports is numerous.  Many communities have multiple options within the same sport.  So how does a family or community decide what is best?

                Among the considerations are cost, amount of travel, reputation of the organization, and the safety of the participants, to name a few.

                When the options for playing baseball are being considered, there is no better organization than Little League Baseball.  Since 1939, Little League has provided millions of the world’s youth the opportunity to participate in an activity that teaches them the ideals of sportsmanship, fair play and teamwork.  At the same time, the world’s largest and most respected youth sports organization has always considered cost and safety as important factors for continued growth.

                For many, the decision comes down to finding an economical and safe setting for their children to participate in what, in many cases, is their first experience in a group or team setting.

                Little League has worked very hard to keep the costs down for the local leagues, which, in turn, keeps the costs down for each of the players.  The annual charter fee is $16 per team, which many times is less than two percent of the local league’s budget.  When you add in the insurance, which ranges from $18 to $48 per team, the cost for the local league to charter and insure its participants and volunteers averages out to approximately $5 per player.

                The safety of everyone, both on and off the field, is always the top consideration of the community-based organization that serves more than 2.5 million children between the ages of 4 and 18, and its more than 1 million volunteers.  In every decision made, whether it is the adoption of a new rule or a change in a regulation, how it affects the safety of those involved is the first consideration.

                In addition, the Little League Child Protection Program has many different components to help each local league provide the safest setting possible.  Components of the program, introduced in 1998, include background checks on any local volunteer who provides regular service and/or repetitive access to players or teams, a publication with tips on recognizing abuse and sex offenders for parents and volunteers, regulations that call for the election of a safety officer in each local league, and the development of a safety program by each local league.

                Little League provides each local league with 125 free background checks through a partnership with LexisNexis.  Additional checks are available for only $1.  Each league is also encouraged to develop a safety plan as part of the “A Safety Awareness Program.”  This plan encompasses everything from what to do in case of an injury to what to do in the case of a natural disaster.  As part of this program, leagues have the ability to share their best ideas, making each program stronger.

        In addition to equipment and rules, there is another assurance of safety and quality that comes with Little League membership.  The Little League insignia and its related names are registered federal trademarks and cannot be used by any organization or for any purpose other than those approved by Little League International.  Under this trademark protection, communities that form a Little League program are guaranteed the quality of play and consistency of leadership that has become synonymous with the name Little League.

An organization is only as good as its people and that is why Little League provides information for league officials, coaches and umpires.  Each off-season, Little League personnel travel around the country conducting clinics and seminars to provide the latest information to volunteers.  Little League also provides a free Coaches and Umpire Resource Center on its web site ( which includes videos, articles and tips.  Little League also has an Umpire Registry which provides the latest news on rule changes and interpretations.

                Little League also offers a broad range of programs for children of all ages.  The four divisions of play in baseball; Little League (ages 4-12), Junior League (13-14), Senior League (14-16) and Big League (16-18).

A new Little League offering is the 50/70 Pilot Program.  That program allows the players to participate in a league with pitching and base-path distances in between the Little League and the regulation playing field distances.  There are two 50/70 programs offered - one for 12-13 year-olds and another for 11-12 year-olds.  Both utilize, for the most part, Junior League Baseball Rules and Regulations.

                In addition, the Challenger Division offers a program for physically and mentally challenged players in which they can enjoy all the benefits of the game of baseball.

                Little League also provides a democratic process in which all volunteers have a chance to voice their opinions about any aspect of the organization.  Through the Little League International Congress, local league volunteers have a chance to vote on changes to rules and regulations.  Nine members of the Little League International Board of Directors and all 12 members of the Advisory Board are volunteers from either the local or district level, giving the organization a strong voice from the grass-roots level.

                Of course, the most recognizable part of the organization is the annual Little League Baseball World Series.  Little League conducts a true “World” Series in each of its eight divisions in baseball in which more than 45,000 games are played to determine the champion.  Last year, 69 games of the International Tournament were televised live, including 60 games in the Little League Baseball division.  The Little League Baseball World Series has been televised every year since 1961 and each year has grown in popularity, becoming one of the late summer highlights on ESPN.

                The words “Little League” have symbolized the very best in youth sports for more than six decades.  With children in more than 85 countries and all 50 U.S. states playing baseball under the Little League umbrella, Little League Baseball continues to be the youth sports leader both internationally and in the United States.