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Little League Safety Program

Temecula Little League is dedicated to injury prevention.  Managers and coaches should be aware of the following rules. All league officials including the manager and the coaches will enforce these rules.


General Responsibilities:

  • Responsibility for safety procedures should be that of an adult member of the League.
  • Each player, manager, coach and umpire shall use proper reasoning and care to prevent injuries.
  • First-aid kits are located and should remain in each equipment bag and in each dugout. These kits should be utilized in either a game or practice situation.
  • Managers and coaches will have an understanding of first aid.
  • Managers and coaches are responsible for ensuring that players are not left unattended at the field.
  • Never hesitate to report any present or potential liability hazard to a league official.
  • No medication will be provided by any manager, coach or league official.


Field Responsibilities:

  • No games or practices should be held when weather or field conditions are not good, particularly when lightning is anticipated.
  • The play area should be inspected before use for holes, damage, stones, glass, and other foreign objects. It is required that the manager of the home team makes this inspection before the start of a game or the manager before practice begins. If a problem is found the appropriate form should be filled out and forwarded to the League Safety officer.
  • Only players, managers, coaches and umpires are permitted on the playing field or in the dugout during games and practice sessions.
  • During practice and games, all players should be alert and watching the batter on each pitch.
  • During warm-up drills, players should be spaced so that no one is endangered by wild throws or missed catches.
  • At no time should "horse play" be permitted on the playing field or in dugouts.
  • No jewelry of any kind should be worn by players during practice/games which will be enforced by the umpire/manager/coach.
  • All pre-game warm-ups (catching, batting, and throwing) should be performed within the confines of the playing field or batting cages and not within areas that are frequented by spectators.
  • Managers/coaches will not approve of players being off the playing field unless the player is a pitcher/catcher warming up.
  • Players are not allowed to leave the playing field during the game unless approved by manager/coach.
  • With Junior League and above, if a player is “on deck”, they must be positioned such that they are not endangered by a thrown or batted ball.
  • With Major League and below, there is NO ON DECK BATTING ALLOWED.


Equipment Responsibilities:

  • Responsibility for keeping bats and loose equipment off the field of play should be that of an individual assigned for this purpose or the team's manager and coaches.
  • Batters must wear Little League approved protective helmets (bear NOCSAE seal) during batting practice and game.
  • Catchers must wear (league approved) catcher's helmet and mask, throat protector, shin guards, long model chest protector, and protective cup (males) with athletic supporter at all times for practices and games. NO EXCEPTIONS…
  • Catchers must wear catcher's helmet and mask with throat protector when warming up pitchers. This applies between innings and in the bullpen during a game and also during practices.
  • Coaches should encourage all male players to wear protective cups and supporters for practices and games when pitching is involved.
  • Equipment must be inspected weekly for improper condition and replaced immediately if the equipment does not meet safety requirements.
  • Parents of players who wear glasses should be encouraged to provide "safety glasses."


If you have any safety code recommendations, please forward them verbally or in writing to the Safety Officer.  Code of Conduct with respect to Safety


The lists contain the code of conduct. Failure to comply with the above may result in expulsion from the League fields or complex.

  • Speed Limit 5 mph in roadways and parking lots while attending League function. Watch for small children around parked cars.
  • Neither Alcohol nor Drugs are allowed in any parking lot, fields, and common areas within the League complex.
  • No Golfing.
  • No Playing in parking lots at any time.
  • No Playing on and around lawn equipment.
  • No Profanity.
  • No Smoking .
  • No Swinging Bats or throwing baseballs at any time within the walkways and common areas of the League’s complex.
  • No Throwing balls against dugouts.
  • No throwing rocks.
  • No horseplay at any time.
  • No climbing fences.
  • No pets are permitted at the League’s games or practices.
  • Be alert of the area around you when swinging a bat.
  • Observe all posted signs. Players and spectators should be alert at all times for foul balls and errant throws.
  • During game, players must remain in the dugout area in an orderly fashion at all times.
  • After each game, each team must clean up trash in dugout and around the stands.
  • All gates to the field must remain closed at all times. After players have entered or left the playing field, gates should be closed and secured.
  • Follow all town, state and federal restrictions (i.e., water bans).
  • All spectators must remain outside the playing field.

Inclement Weather
The UMPIRE makes the ultimate decision whether or not a game should be postponed due to inclement weather but must confer with the both team manager’s before making the decision. The player’s safety is absolutely the most important factor. Games should be postponed under the following conditions, grass is excessively wet (puddles), the clay is muddy (large puddles around the bases, or very soft surface), small puddles at home plate and on the mound are not included, but should be addressed prior to game time, if it is raining to the point where the average person’s vision would be impaired. There is visible lightning. Visible lightning at any time will result in immediate clearing of the field, and rescheduling of the game, the temperature at game time is below 32 degrees.

Accident Form:

Temecula little League Incident Accident Form 

Little League International Claim Form if an injury occurs during a game or practice.

Please submit completed form to our Temecula Little League Safety Officer within 24 hours of the incident.

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