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Sep, 2021

Farewell to our outgoing board members and Welcome to the incoming 2022 TLL Board

Our departing Board members deserve so much more recognition than can be expressed in a news post.  This league has been supported by amazing volunteers!

These departing board members gave so much to this league and have shown by example what it takes to make a league successful.

Jessica Ward (Player Agent aka. Mrs, Temecula Little League)
Amber Garcia (Treasurer)
CJ Harris (Coaches Coordinator)
Janet Coleman (Uniforms & Trophies)
Sam Fakhoury (Division Coordinator: 50/70, Jr. Sr.)

October 1st brings a lot of new faces to the TLL Board.  We plan to feature all board members, new and returning over the next months so you can get to know us and what we will be doing for the league this year.

Welcome your 2022 Temecula Little League Board: (italics for new members)
President Eric Scheafer
Vice President Jim Isabella
Treasurer Mike Bodman
Secretary Heather Ballard
Safety Officer Miranda Czerweic
Player Agent Upper Divisions Paul Cincotta
Player Agent Lower Divisions Kellen Herrera
Information Officer Katie Estberg
Scheduling Officer John Morton
Umpire in Chief Chris Cross
Website Ashton Taylor
Social Media Sharon Sardina
Sponsorship/Fundraising Kaylaa Simonsen
Ashton Taylor
Uniform/Trophies Autumn Herrera
Coaching Coordinator Pike Rodriguez
Team Parent Coordinator Rachel Bodman
Heather Cross
Snack Bar Coordinator Ashley Scheafer
Equipment Manager Lou Andiorio
Division Coordinators:
          Tee Ball Jewels Guerrero
          A Cody McDonald
          AA Dan Lewis
          AAA Tom Greifendorff
          Majors Shawn Wright
          50/70-Juniors-Seniors Paul Cincotta

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