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Temecula Little League

Intermediate - 50/70 - Division

During the Fall Little League Season, Temecula Little League will be offering Middle School Baseball. We are running this Middle School Baseball program through our 50/70 division to help ensure that we have players of the right age playing on the different teams. Interested in becoming a Manager? Fill out the interest form below:

Temecula Little League Middle School Team Manager Interest Form:

Middle School Q & A

Middle School Teams - Intermediate (50/70) Division FAQ

Q: What are the ages/grades for the Middle School - Intermediate Division?
A: Any players who are League Age 11-13 and will be attending Middle School in the Fall of 2023 are eligible for this division. If your player turns 14 prior to 9/1/2023, he or she will need to play in our High School Prep Division (Juniors). For the Fall season, we play according to the LL 2023 age chart ( 

Q: What rules will be followed for the Middle School Division?
A: This division will play according to Little League International’s rules for the Intermediate (5070) Division. The pitching distance is 50 feet and the base paths are 70 feet. Runners are permitted to lead off bases, runners may attempt to steal at any time, and on-deck batters are allowed. 

Q: What types of bats will be allowed in the Middle School Division?
 Bats shall not be more than 34″ inches in length; nor more than 2⅝ inches in diameter. Solid one-piece wood barrel bats do not require a USA Baseball logo. Bats meeting the BBCOR performance standard, and so labeled with a silkscreen or other permanent certification mark are allowed. 

Q: How will school teams be determined?

A: TLL will host an assessment day (8/12). Each school will be given a specific time slot. Players from that school will try out together, with the coaches determining the final roster. All players will make a team and get a chance to play, but are not guaranteed to make the team representing their school. 

Q: What if a player is not selected to be on the team representing the school he or she attends?

A: Every player will make a team. TLL will put together “league” teams which will compete against the school teams. These teams will be competitive, well coached and represent our city and our league.

Q: What about players that attend private schools or those that are homeschooled?

A: Every school that has enough players registered will field a team, including private and charter schools. Those players who are homeschooled will be assigned to a “league” team. 

Q: What kind of uniforms will be used?

A: Unlike the rest of the league, our older divisions will not be wearing MiLB or MLB uniforms and hats. Players will get the chance to wear custom fitted uniforms which have been uniquely designed to represent the mascots, logos and names of local schools.

Q: How will scheduling be determined? When will a schedule be posted?

A: It is frustrating when practices and games are not announced and or are sprung on families with minimal notice. TLL works hard to provide ample scheduling notice to coaches, players and parents. A fair & balanced season-long schedule of games and practices will be provided by the first week in September. Games will begin in Mid-September and continue into November (weather permitting). 

Q: What about school teams from other cities and or districts? 
 TLL regularly schedules upper division games against our neighboring leagues. We expect our Middle School teams to play games against the 50/70 teams from neighboring Little Leagues. While these teams will be made of players from the same age group and play according to the same rules, they may or may not be made of players from one school.

Q: Will these teams be officially recognized by my player’s school?

A: TLL has attempted to work with the local schools, but the schools made it clear that they did not have the bandwidth to support any specific baseball league. Schools were accepting of our league representing them and offering a program for their students to participate in. Parents are encouraged to submit photos and information to school yearbook committees as well as spreading the word about the TLL program. 

Q: My player’s school had a team last year? Was that affiliated with the school/district? Was it affiliated with TLL?
 None of the “Middle School'' baseball teams or leagues in the Temecula area have been officially affiliated with local schools or TVUSD.  After receiving many requests to host a middle school division, this will be TLL’s first time offering a middle school program. TLL decided to create middle school teams to offer a fun, organized program designed to encourage camaraderie and school spirit.

Q: How competitive will the Middle School Division be?
 Our Fall season is designed to be instructional with a focus on development. However, our Middle School Division is expected to conclude with an in-house tournament where a champion will be crowned. Dates and details TBD.

Q: Who will be coaching?
A: TLL has a growing list of volunteer coaches who are excited to coach at this level. All coaches are background checked and cleared through the State of California & Little League International. Additionally, our coaches must pass child health & safety training. Anyone interested in coaching should submit fill out our interest form →

Additional questions can be directed to
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Local Rules

Middle School - Intermediate 50/70 DIVISION:  (Competitive League) Ages 11-13

The Home team is responsible for preparing the field before the game. This includes; dragging the infield, chalking the baselines, and batters boxes. Both teams will check the field for safety issues before each game

1.   Game length 2 hours. (see Regulations on pg. 3) 

2. Starting of the game: All games shall start with both teams lined up on the first and third base lines by reciting the Little League Pledge and the Pledge of Allegiance.

3. Rosters will not exceed 14 players. 

4. If the game is tied at the completion of 7 innings then the game will continue; if still tied when time runs out the game will be considered to be complete. (see Tie/Makeup on pg. 3) 

5. There must be one adult in the dugout with the players at all times.

6. The team will utilize Continuous batting order during regular and postseason. 

  1. Mandatory play will include a minimum of 6 defensive outs and one at bat. 

  2. Players must occupy any of the 9 positions while 3 defensive outs are made consecutively twice per game. (Injured players returning in the game must still complete their consecutive outs)

  3. Free substitution with a no married player requirement.

  4. Substitutions must be declared to the Umpire 

7. Games may begin with a roster of (8) players if a 9th player is not available.

  1. In this case, the Manager must notify the Umpire and Opposing Manager of a shortage.

  2. Teams will skip over the 9th position in the batting order without penalty and return to the top of the order.

8. To expedite game play, when there are (2) outs during an inning, Managers may call time to place a courtesy runner for a pitcher/catcher to get ready for the next inning if they are on the base path.

  1. This is only for the pitcher/catcher of record, not a new pitcher/catcher being brought in. 

  2. The courtesy runner must be the last out recorded

9. Pitch counts from the game will be signed for by the Manager on the Pitch Log Sheet immediately after the completion of the game.

10. The Official Scorebook will determine a team’s record. All game scores must be submitted to the Information Officer after every game by the Home Team within 24 hours of the game completing.

11. Inter-League Play

  1. All games count towards team standings.

  2. All scheduled games should be played. Make-up games are at the discretion of the League’s President.

  3. Any disciplinary action of a manager will be the responsibility of that specific manager’s BOD.

  4. Home team will provide umpires. 

12. Intermediate Division all items not covered by these local rules, the LLB rule book/app shall apply.

13. Temecula Little League will hold an In-House Tournament to determine the winner of the Division.

  1. This will be a single or double elimination tournament depending on time remaining in the season and weather permitting.

  2. Seeding will be determined by the record of all games of the regular season. In the event of two teams ending with the same record, a tie breaker of head-to-head results, or if still tied, their cumulative run differential will determine seeding.

  3. Run rules will be enforced (see Rule 4.10 for definitions)

  4. There is no time limit in the Championship game. 7 full innings will be completed