In-House & TOC Information

Post Season Tournament 

In-House Tournament

Once TLL's regular season ends, there will be and In-House Tournament for our Competitive Divisions (AA and up) to determine which teams will represent our League in the District 28 Tournament of Champions (TOC). Games will be consecutive during the week following the regular season, and teams will be placed into brackets base on their seeding determined in the Local League Rules. Once completed a winner will be announced, and they will begin practicing specifically for the District Tournament hosted by Temescal Valley Little League and Lake Elsinore Little League for Spring 2022. 

D28 Tournament of Champions (TOC’s)

·      Jr/Sr. Tournament Team

·      Intermediate (50/70) Tournament Team

·      Majors Tournament Team

·      AAA Tournament Team

·      AA Tournament Team

Our teams will compete against 6 of our neighboring cities to determine our District 28 Tournament Champion. These games are also consecutive and entered into a bracket format similar to our Local League.

All-Star Manager Selection

All-Star Managers and Coaches may not be officially named until May 15th.

Interested Managers must submit and present themselves before the Board of Directors All Star Committee comprised of President, Vice President, Player Agents, Coaching Coordinator and Division Coordinator at a special meeting that will be announced at least 7 days prior to
May 15th
. Any Board of Director wishing to manage an All-Star team will recuse themselves from the vote.

Criteria used in the selection process, but not limited to:  

·       Must be in good standing with TLL

·       Adhere to TLL’s Code of Conduct

·       Does not display poor sportsmanship while participating at TLL events.

·       Fulfilled participation requirements set forth by the BOD (Umpiring and Snack Bar)

·       Must be a manager or assistant of regular season play

·       Knowledge of LL rules including Local Rules and LL Book

·       Has met all financial obligations

Season record does NOT automatically place any Manager in the role of tournament coach. Record will be a consideration, but it is the Committee’s obligation to agree and approve the most appropriate individuals to represent Temecula Little League.

If the nominated individual cannot accept the role as All Star Manger, the order in which the BOD Committee has selected candidates will place the next in line. In the event all managers decline consideration or are ruled ineligible, the Board of Directors will select a suitable candidate to manage the All-Star team. All managers who are ruled ineligible will be given opportunity to appear before the Board Committee and state their case regarding possible selection as All-Star manager.

Once approved, the All-Star manager may select one eligible coach of record to assist. Third Coach will be Committee selected based on the above criteria and process. These coaches must be regular season managers or coaches of record.


All-Star Player Selection

All-Star Teams

·      Seniors All-Star Team (12–16-year-olds)

·      Juniors All-Star Teams (12–14-year-olds)

·      Intermediate (50/70) All Star Team (11–13-year-olds)

·      12-year-old All-Star Team (10–12-year-olds)

·      11-year-old All-Star Team (9–11-year-olds)

·      10-year-old All-Star Team (8–10-year-olds)

·      8u and 9u All-Star Teams when tournaments are available

All-Star players and teams will not be announced until after May 15th for Spring Season 2022. Eligibility and availability must also be confirmed before announcements.

Approximately one month prior to the end of the season, the league will request that all Managers confirm if all players on their team are eligible and available to commit. With an increase in practice and game times, families need to communicate if they will be available to participate or not. Postseason estimated end date and contribution amount will be provided within that communication.  

The Board of Directors will determine how many and what tournament teams will be representing the league from the above list of Teams. BOD will not necessarily form and send a team to tournament just because they can, it will be based upon the number of players who confirm and the ability to succeed in those divisions.

Criteria used to determine Eligibility:

·       Players League Age (Must provide an original or copy of birth certificate)

·       Participation in 60% of the regular season in their league age-appropriate division

·       Residency, School enrollment and attendance, or eligibility letter (Waiver) of approval  

Juniors to Majors teams may be comprised of up to 14 players but a minimum of 12. Seniors up to 16 players and a minimum 12. This will be at the discretion of the Committee and Manager when finalizing the team. Temecula Little League recommends that at least one player from each team is represented in competitive divisions. 

Sr, Jr, 50/70, 12, 11, 10 Tournament Teams

Player ballots are submitted by Managers, Players, and 2 assistant Coaches of record per team. Ballots will include write in boxes for a total of 6 players.  Each voter may write 3 players from any team (including theirs) and 3 players NOT on their team. If more than 6 players are written on their ballot, the ballot will be invalid and discarded. The top 3 players per division will automatically be placed on their league age-appropriate team. All other players placement will be determined by the BOD Committee and Manager of the Team.

8U and 9U Tournament Teams will be selected by the approved Manager and the BOD All-Star Committee.

Those players who do not receive enough votes are placed into a pool, should there be a vacancy on the Tournament Team. If a vacancy arises, and the Board of Directors decides to fill it, the player who received the next-most votes is automatically placed on the team after verification of eligibility. However, these players MUST NOT travel with the team and are not covered by Little League Accident Insurance when traveling to and from games.

Team will be finalized by the Board of Directors Committee that consists of President, Vice President, Player Agent, Coaching Coordinator, Division Coordinator, and selected All Star Manager prior to announcements. The Oldest age group first and work to youngest age group to build teams to represent TLL. Committee will use best judgment and avoid conflicts of interest to form the most competitive and balanced teams to represent TLL. Any Board of Director wishing to manage an All-Star team will recuse themselves from the vote.

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